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Apron Front double bowl farmhouse sink with divide 800X450X230 mm

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If you are not paying any attention to your kitchen interior during renovation or building a new apartment or house, then you will be disturbing the harmony of the renovated or newly built house or apartment. It is not enough to just make your bedroom, bathroom, garden house, or living room or swimming pool beautiful with modern fittings, you need to use proper kitchen fittings to bring a balance in the entire interior of your home.

If you are not using fittings that match the ambiance of the whole house, everything will look ugly and imbalanced. If you are not using a proper sink according to the size of your cleaning range, your kitchen will remain inadequate. You need to pay proper attention to detail - size, color, the material a sink is made of, and so on. In this article we will talk about apron Front double bowl farmhouse sink with divide 800X450X230 mm.

What Is an Apron Front Sink?

Okay! Solid question! If you are new to this sink(ing) business (pun intended), you will definitely want to know why this particular sink is called an apron front sink. The term itself is tied to the history of farmhouses. This type of sinks are intentionally made to look patinized, lived-in, and rustic.

They are made to resemble the antique homes of the farmhouses from the past. This trend in interior design is the choice of many modern home owners. The apron sink has become a perfect inclusion to the household interior beauty. With this a classic vibe is brought to the modern household.

The apron front sink is also known as farm sink. The sink vessel is wide and deep. The front of the vessel protrudes a bit outward toward you and hangs beyond the lower cabinet. You need to measure the sink of your choice and match the size of the cabinetry and countertops to match the dimension of the apron front sink.

Therefore, apron front sinks are a better choice of the new home builders who can start building the kitchen from the scratch. Now, the question is why would anyone choose an apron front sink? Let us have a look at the reasons.

Why Apron Sinks

If you are planning on making an investment in apron sinks, you should know what you will get for the money you are spending.


We are talking about a sink for the kitchen - not a fancy basin in a living space. Sinks are better when they are big. If you have the space for a big sink, think no more and choose an apron sink. These sinks are way larger than other conventional sinks.  

When you have a large sink, you can handle more. Even after a large family feast, you will be able to put all the dishes and cutleries into the sink. You can fill the sink with soap and hot or cold water and nicely clean them. You can clean things like grilling trays or grates, baking sheets, woks, etc., in the sink.

The conventional sinks do not have the space necessary to handle this type of large items but apron sinks can. The design of the sink helps you carry heavy and larger items to and from the sink with comparative ease.

If you have dirty dishes with sticky food on them, you will need to soak them in soap water for a long time. Apron sinks are big enough for these dishes to soak them overnight and clean the next day. 


Apron sinks are multifunctional. It can hold bigger pots, pans and dishes, so you can clean them very easily. These sinks not only suit your kitchen but also are good for your laundry room. You can soak clothes, linens, etc. to clean up stains. These sinks are made from better materials and are very long lasting.

Flexible Faucet Options

 Most of the time, the conventional sink does not come with faucet options. With apron front sinks the homeowner can carefully consider various faucet options and choose the one that goes with the interior aesthetics of the kitchen. Based on the countertops, you can choose an elegant looking faucet that fits well with the apron front sink. Besides, if you have to change an old sink, you do not have to part with your favorite faucet either.

Reduced Strain

Usually, there is a front counter for every kitchen sink you see. You will have to bend forward and maintain that posture as long as you work on your dishes. This will put a lot of strain on your lower back and there can be bad injury from using this type of sinks for many days. However, with an apron front sink there is no front counter and therefore, you do not need to bend over to clean your dishes.

You can remain upright and do your dishes and save yourself from lower back pain. The same goes for the laundry room. Cleaning your clothes also puts even more pressure on your lower back. If you use an apron front sink, you will be able to give your back some support.

Appeal of a Farmhouse

Now that we have seen the functionality and other advantages, why do we not talk about the aesthetic appeal of an apron front sink? This sink has a kind of rustic farmhouse look. This sink is regularly promoted on TV. Famous designers use their talents to make this sink look more appealing to everyone. 

If you want to have a throwback appearance, you should search for an apron front sink with gray or white color. There are many other colors available but they will provide an upscale or modern vibe.

Saves Cabinets and Counters

Usually, the conventional sinks sit on top of a countertop and there are cabinets below. In that case, when water falls on the countertops, it will slowly leak into the cabinets beneath. Once or twice will not matter, but if you keep this up one day your precious cabinets will surely be damaged. Not just cabinets, your countertops can be damaged too, if water falls on it regularly.

For example, if you let water stand on granite countertops, there will be discoloration and cloudiness. If liquid such as juice drops on the countertop, it can leave nasty stain on your granite countertop. However, with apron front sinks protruded front side, the water drops will land on the floor. With just a swipe of a rug would keep the area clean.  

Various Materials

Previously apron front sinks were made from various precious materials such as porcelain or ceramic. However, nowadays you will find sinks made of various other materials to suit your home condition and preferences - you will find variations in colors, designs, and materials. The materials can be - fireclay (this material is very much more long lasting and durable than the older versions of apron front sinks).

By glaze and clay are fused together at an extremely high heat fireclay is formed. Fireclay is a very hard material. It is very much resistant to scratches and stains. Besides, maintenance of fireclay products does not require too much effort. Although ceramic and fireclay look similar, fireclay lasts much longer and remains better looking even after many years.

There are other apron sink building materials - stainless steel, cast iron, marble, concrete, granite, copper, etc. You will find apron sinks made from various materials at various online shops. There is no wrong or right when it comes to styles. Everything depends on your personal preferences. Only you know what type of vibe you would like for your kitchen.

If you want your home and kitchen to look more curated and time honored, you can take a look at our apron Front double bowl farmhouse sink with divide 800X450X230 mm. If you want your kitchen to look practical and super efficient when cleaning a lot of dishes and cutleries during a family gathering, our 800X450X230 mm apron Front double bowl farmhouse sink with divide cannot be beaten.

The stainless steel will provide your kitchen a contemporary industrial and commercial kitchen look. It is modern and minimalistic in design and make. There are two separate bowls. So, you will be able to separate dishes according to their sizes or types. 

Color Variations

Traditional white farmhouse sinks are considered classic. If it is to your liking, then get a smooth front one. However, white color is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more where it came from - black, dark gray, dusk gray, brown, cream blue gray, marbled, green apple, etc. Whichever color scheme you have chosen for your overall kitchen, you will surely find an apron front sink that matches the color scheme and the overall vibe of the kitchen. 


  1. The sink is made from stainless steel, has a dimension of 800 X 450 X 230 mm, thickness of 3 mm plus 1 mm (coating included). It weighs 10 kgs.

  2. 110 mm hole for water clearance. 

  3. The sink comes without any overflow, has a thick coating for protection, and pad to reduce environmental sound.

  4. It is moisture proof and has shining polishing. It is satin brushed. 

  5. The strainer (model: 1150-SS203 or 1150-SS103) comes with coupling of high quality and ABS piping, and silicone gasket. Its interface is leak proof. 

  6. Both the sink and the strainer are Australian standard compliant; and have a deodorizing and anti blocking system. 


  1. Made from handmade stainless steel. 

  2. It has round corners. So, cleaning is easy and gives a modern vibe.

  3. 5 year warranty on sink and 3 year on strainer.

  4. The satin finish enhances the durability and the elegance of the product.

  5. Cleaning, and maintaining the sink is easy.

If you are looking for a stainless steel apron front sink with a double bowl, then worry no more. Take a look at our Apron Front double bowl farmhouse sink with divide 800X450X230 mm. This can be a delightful inclusion to your kitchen fittings.

Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions: 83 x 48 x 27 cm
No Specifications

(*Excludes vanities and mirror cabinets)

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