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Fruit Drainer Kitchen Sink Accessories

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Drainers or strainers for food are essential kitchen accessories. Every single day we use a food strainer in our kitchens. Especially if you are running a restaurant, you will definitely use strainers all the time to drain water from rice, pasta, noodles, fruits, meat or fish, or vegetables. In preparation of salad you need all kinds of raw vegetables.

After cleaning properly you need to strain the water from the fruit or vegetables before cutting and presenting to your customers. They need to be dry before preparation. Strainer comes in handy in these cases. Besides, when you defrost the frozen meat or fish in water, you will need to strain the water from them before you cut them and cook them. Especially, if you are using oil for cooking you will have to drain water from the food properly. This is why strainers are so essential in a kitchen. There are various types of food strainers.

1. Two Handle Colander

This type of strainer is the most common in a kitchen. This strainer or colander is quite big so that you can drain a large quantity of food at a time. The only disadvantage is its big size because it will occupy a big space in your kitchen area. There is a base as well for this kind of strainers. This way you do not have to hold the strainer in thin air. You just leave the strainer on the base and it will do its work. So, choose among one handle, two handles with a base options for colanders or strainers. 

2. Salad Spinner

Salad is a quick food. Its preparation time is small but it has to be dry during serving. You cannot serve salad with loads of water at the bottom. Crispy and dry is the way to go. For that you need to quickly dry the salad ingredients, and salad spinner is just for that. When it starts spinning because of the outward force or centrifugal force, all the water will out through the holes on the side of the container inside. This way your ingredients dry and ready for preparation.

3. Long Handle Colander

Long handle strainers are really good when you are handling food like deep fried chicken. You want to be as far as possible from the hot oil. It is unsafe to be close to hot water or oil. You will need this colander when you strain noodles or vegest from boiling water. It has so many uses in a kitchen. Handles are long so it has a smaller basket to make it easy to handle the weight.

4. Mesh Kitchen Sieve

Sieves are very important for a kitchen especially in restaurants where you use it to separate the finer particles from the coarse ones. You can sift items such as flour, aerate the ingredient, and also help it mix well with different ingredients. You can use mesh kitchen sieves to separate broth and various liquids.

5. Foldable Colander

The unique characteristic of this kind of drainers is that you can fold them. It is divided into various sections. After you use it, just press down to collapse all sections to come together into a fold. This way storage of this drainer is easy. If you have smaller kitchen space this type of drainers are the best solution for you. These drainers come in various sizes.

6. Wine Funnel With Strainer

For the people who love wine, this strainer or drainer is a must in their kitchen. They can separate the wine sediments while they aerate the wine. With the help of this funnel drainer, you can pour wine in different containers or devices like decanters. These are made from stainless steel, and as a result they do not get stained from wine at all.

7. Coarse Kitchen Sieve

If you want to strain or drain the water from food items like pasta or noodles you will coarse kitchen sieve. Based on the size and consistencies of the food, meshes of various sizes are utilized. Coarse drainers can let more liquid or food through them. The strainers come in every possible size, so finding the right one for yourself is not that difficult.

8. Drum Sieve

Drum sieves are also a kind of drainer. You can strain liquids or sift items like flour or powdered ingredients with this drainer. It is wide and has a round shape. The walls are low. This kind of drainers or sieves can have mesh made with cheesecloth, steel, nylon, etc. The mesh type decides which ingredients are processed.

9. Pot Strainer

Pot strainers are very fast and ready strainers. It is small and attachable to a pot full of boiled pasta, noodles, or other ingredients. Once you attach it to a pot, you can readily drain the pot. It does not look like a full standalone strainer but it looks more like an attachable. Attach it, and slowly tilt the pot on its side to block the ingredient but drain the water instead. You can drain rice, vegetables, fruits, and so many other things with this. Some drainers come with clips while others are without clips so you have to hold them with your hands.

10. Conical Strainer

The conical word comes from its shape. It looks like a geometric cone. It is known for its ability to finely sift ingredients. If you make juice from raw vegetables or fruits, you will want to pass the juice through the conical strainer so that you can get a very fine and smooth consistency. You can use it to strain so many things. Its use is unending. 

11. Pasta Strainer

This drainer or strainer is especially made to strain noodles and pasta. It has a long handle and is very deep. You can put long and dry noodle or pasta sticks in a standing position and dip it inside the boiling water. Then you can just take it out from boiling water to prepare food. It is simple but very handy.

11. Adjustable fruit drainer sink accessory

It has a rectangular shape. It is helpful during cleaning your fruit. You can adjust the length of the basket by extending the rods. It is especially used with kitchen sinks. You can clean things in the sink and then keep the drainer accessory over the sink to drain the water and dry the items in the drainer.


  1. The loading capacity is high with adjustable basket length. Not easily deformed during use.

  2. It is excellent for various sink sizes. It can not only hold fruits, but also is good to use as a dish holder.

  3. Made from ABS and stainless steel materials. 

  4. The basket has high resistance to heat.

  5. Good for cleaning, draining, and drying fruits.

  6. Its dimensions are 34 × 23.5 × 10 cm.

  7. The drainer weighs 0.5 kgs.


  1. Especially made for fruit cleaning, draining, and drying.

  2. You can extend the rods to fit more fruits.

If you are in the market to shop for a fruit drainer, you should give this stainless steel fruit drainer some of your attention. It is a very good product. Hope you at least take a look before buying anything else.

Weight: 0.5 kg
Dimensions: 34 x 23.5 x 10 cm
No Specifications

(*Excludes vanities and mirror cabinets)

  • 0 Reviews

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