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Handmade Under mount Double bowl kitchen sink with drainboard 1000X450X230

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Before we talk about our product we have to talk about a few terms that can create a lot of confusion and misunderstanding among the buyers. First, we will talk about the term ‘handmade’, and then we will clarify a few things about ‘overmount’ and ‘undermount’ kitchen sinks. There are so many options to choose from that without proper knowledge of them, you may end up buying something that does not suit your kitchen interior aesthetics at all. So, then let us begin!

The process of manufacturing

The process through which a sink goes, makes the difference. The term ‘handmade’ is one such process. The most plebeian type of sink manufacturing process is the ‘pressed process’. In this process, a machine presses a single stainless steel sheet according to a particular size or dimension.

In this process, you can press sinks of all kinds of shapes, lengths, and sizes or in other words - bowel configuration. You need to know about two other terms - fabricated and molded or drawn. When you go shopping for sinks you will come across these terms and they will definitely stall your buying process as you do not know them. So, let us talk a little bit about these terms in general. 

First, we will talk about the molded or drawn stainless steel sinks. These kinds are seen in most kitchens because this type gives you so many buying options. This type of sinks also come in various price ranges. In this case, a stainless steel sheet is pressed and turned into a mold. In this process, you will get sink bowls with a round and smooth shape. These sinks are very easy to install. 

On the other hand, in the fabricated process stainless steel sheets are bent and cut into pieces of various shapes. Then they are welded together to make sinks that look like boxes. In professional, industrial or commercial kitchens you will find this type of sink. However, they are a bit more expensive. So, if you want this type of sink for your kitchen, you need some extra cash.

Now, let's talk about the term ‘handmade’. In place of a machine, in this case, a stainless steel sheet is processed by hand to form a sink. Later, the corners are welded. This way, you get straight lines on all the sides, and the radius around the corners will be very tight. This type of sinks are a departure from the smooth round edges or curves of the pressed sinks. However, handmade sinks also have a professional industrial appearance.

Increased Usable Space

The visual difference is very significant between a pressed and a handmade sink. In a pressed sink, you get less usable space because of the smooth round corners. However, usable space increases notably when it comes to a handmade sink because of its straight line and corners with tight radius. This is a notable benefit in handmade sinks. This extra space is a very welcome thing when you have a lot of dishes to soak and clean.

Extra Depth

Increase of usable space by the sides of a sink is not the only benefit you get with a handmade sink. Usually, a pressed sink has a depth of 9 inches. This depth can vary based on the brand of pressed sinks. However, handmade sinks will give you some extra inches of depth. This increased depth will surely come to your assistance when you clean dishes, pots or pans of bigger size. 


We have a handmade sink as a winner when we compare the benefits of both a pressed and a handmade sink. However, when it comes to cleaning, you need to carefully weigh your options. With handmade sinks we get extra space because of corners with tight radius and more depth, but we also have to clean extra space.

So, we will need to put more effort compared to the pressed sinks. With a pressed sink you can drain water naturally because of the rounded corners. On the other hand, water will not naturally drain from the handmade sinks because of the straightness and flat floor. So, you will have to personally ensure that water is completely drained from the sink by washing, rinsing, and wiping.

Overmount vs Undermout

In the sink market you will also need to deal with two more terms - undermount and overmount. When you want to buy a sink you will have to think about a number of aspects, such as depth, size, dividers, and materials. However, you should decide whether you want an overmount or an undermount kitchen sink. This way decision making for sink purchase will be easy for you.

You will have to think about the countertop material too, before you buy the sink. Undermount sinks are chosen for their looks, but overmount sinks are good for their longevity for materials such as wood for countertops. For smoother looks undermount sinks are chosen. They are also better with countertop materials like solid surface and stone. You can also squeeze out a few extra inches for depth because of their low mounting height.


The sinks that sit below the countertop surface are called undermount sinks. You can find three types of installation for this type of sinks:

  1. Flush - in this case the edges of the sink are aligned with the edges of the countertop surface. 

  2. Negative reveal - in this case the edges of the countertop are positioned in a way where they overhang the sink a bit.

  3. Positive reveal - in this case the countertop edges are a bit drawn back from the sink edges. This is the complete opposite of a negative reveal sink. 

Advantages of undermount sinks

  1. The lines this creates are clean and attractive.

  2. You will get a bit more space on the counter.

  3. Liquid and food spillages are easy to clean. Just wipe them all and put them into the sink.

  4. Undermount sinks can come with more depth to fit bigger pots, trays, or dishes.

Disadvantages of undermount sink

  1. On the expensive side of the market.

  2. Need professional help for installation.

  3. You can accidentally chip the edge of the counter while handling heavy pots or dishes.

  4. Water can seep into the joint between the counter and the sink without perfect sealing. This sealing must be done by experienced professionals.

  5. Better to use non-porous or waterproof or liquid proof countertop such as granite or other stones or composites that are resistant to water.

Countertop materials like wood are not good for undermount sinks. They are not waterproof. For undermount sinks you should choose countertops made from solid materials like stones for example granite. You need to carefully choose the countertop according to the weight of your undermount sink. Discuss these issues with professionals before you purchase your countertops and sinks.


There are other names for these sinks as well like drop in sinks or top mount sinks. The lips of the overmount sinks sit on top of the edges of the countertops. It is more like hanging from the ledges sort of thing. The lips cover only a small area of the countertop.


  1. The installation is very easy because you just drop the sink into its place on the countertop.

  2. It is less expensive than the undermount sinks. Even with a professional installer, the total cost will be within your reach. 

  3. This is suitable for countertops that are porous and needs protection, for example, butcher block countertops.

  4. Countertops of all kinds of material would go well with this kind of overmount sinks.


  1. The raised lips do not let the lips of the countertops continue.

  2. Mold can form because dirt, crumbs, etc., around the edges if not cleaned properly. 

So, you now know a lot about various types of sinks, so this time it will be easy for you to choose one according to your budget. Please, remember to consult the professionals before you buy both the counter and the sink. The professionals can give you proper guidelines in real time.

Handmade Under mount Double bowl kitchen sink with drainboard 1000X450X230

Now let us talk about the Handmade Single bowl farmhouse sink 580X430X220 mm. We know what a handmade sink is and how good it is for you. It comes in two parts - the sink and the strainer.



  1. The dimension of the sink is 1000 X 450 X 230 mm, thickness including coating is 4 mm, siphoning round hole is 110 mm. The sink weighs 14 kgs.

  2. This sink is good as a drop in, or under mount, or flush mount. You can install it on either the right or left side.

  3. It does not have any overflow, and comes with a coating.

  4. It is moisture proof and has pads for sound reduction.

  5. It needs heavy metal work, shining polishing work, and satin brushed work. The product is fully compliant to Australian standards.

  6. Size of the cut-out is 960 X 410 mm (this size can be changed according to the demand of the customer). It has a 5 years warranty for quality.


  1. It has a deodorizing and anti blocking system.

  2. Strainer comes with a quality ABS piping, quality coupling, interface with leak proofing, and gasket of silicone.

  3. The strainer also has a 3 years warranty.


  1. Handmade from black stainless steel.

  2. It has double bowls. You can clean more dishes or bigger pots.

  3. You now have more usability.

  4. Made from food grade material.

  5. Black finish of the sink enhances the durability and elegance of the sink. 

  6. It is your faithful solid kitchen partner.

  7. Easy to clean, and maintain.

If you are in the market for a kitchen sink, you should at least have a look at the Handmade Under mount Double bowl kitchen sink with drainboard 1000 X 450 X 230 mm. With all the advantages and features, you will surely keep this in your consideration.

Weight: 14 kg
Dimensions: 104 x 50 x 27 cm
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(*Excludes vanities and mirror cabinets)

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