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Freestanding Oval bathtub Acrylic gloss white bathtub with no additional overflow

For magnifying the beauty of your bathroom, this bathtub will be the jewel of your decoration. The delicate and slick look of the bathtub, will give you the elegant gesture of your house. The acrylic surface ensures the durability of the product.


Dimension: 1500X700X570
Overflow: No overflow
Material: 5 mm acrylic with Alkali free reinforced fiberglass material
Material grade: Sanitary use
The tub is made of 2 layer of acrylic sheets, The trapped air in-between the 2 layer is working as thermal insulator.
Color: Gloss white
Compliance: Australian compliance
Warranty: 5 Years

Package content:

1* Bathtub
1* Match pop up waste
1* Match hose