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Gold toilet paper holder round shape Gold toilet paper holder round shape $ 45.00
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Gold single towel rail 800 mm Gold single towel rail 800 mm $ 89.00
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Gold pop up waste for basin Gold pop up waste for basin $ 35.00
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Black finished no overflow pop up waste Solid brass Black finished no overflow pop up waste Solid brass $ 22.00 $ 19.00
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Durable Chrome finished no overflow pop up waste Durable Chrome finished no overflow pop up waste $ 16.00 $ 15.00
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Fine finish Square chrome single towel rail Fine finish Square chrome single towel rail $ 61.00 $ 53.00

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Premium quality Square chrome shower Arm 25X1X400mm Premium quality Square chrome shower Arm 25X1X400mm $ 39.00 $ 27.00
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Chrome soap case Chrome soap case $ 29.00 $ 25.00
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Buy Bathroom Accessories online Best Price In Australia

Perhaps you are planning a bathroom renovation? Or perhaps you do not like the fixtures in the bathroom of the house you have just bought? Either way, you are going to need to change them! Why not let us help you buy bathroom accessories online? We know you are busy and may have the time to visit the market yourself. Taking a day off from your busy schedule is not a possibility! 

Do not worry! With the online store, you can now access a wide variety of our best-quality products that are only a few clicks away from your smart device! Once you place your order at our store online, the product/s will be right there in front of your eyes within a few days' time.

Best Homeware and Living

You may ask, with the all options available why choose Best homeware and living as your supplier? Well, it is the best place to buy bathroom accessories. We accept that there are others who can give you the same kind of products we offer! However, we make sure that we match the expectations of our potential customers. 

In the modern world, even an unemployed man cannot say he is not busy doing something. Then what about you who is busy earning money for your family? You are supposed to be so busy that you will not have time to visit our store physically. That is why we have this ‘online store’ just for you! Now you can select the latest bathroom accessories Australia buy online. 

We understand that the present economic situation around the world is not so good but that does not mean that you are not entitled to a better quality product at a very competitive price! We have kept this in mind! That is why at BHL you will find the price of the products of your choice to be at a very good price! Affordable quality! This is what BHL believes in. 

So, put some trust in us and have a look at our products! All you need to do is to browse through our products on your smart device and buy!! 

Bathroom accessories buying guide

Just think about guests visiting your house on a weekend and becoming surprised and amazed at how smooth, sleek, and modern your bathroom looks! They will praise your taste. 

They will carry the image of your bathroom in their minds and will discuss it with others and say, “ did you see his new or renovated bathroom? Amazing! You should go take look with me next time! It will help you get an idea! You can also ask where he got those, how, and also ask about the price!” This way your image will shine brighter to the people around you, and they will remember you as a person of great taste. 

In this section of the article, we will give you guidelines about the items you can install in your bathroom. If you are thinking, ‘bathroom accessories shop near me’, then BHL is your option!


You have to consider a few things when you are shopping for something. We will first give you a few ideas on what to prepare first and then we will talk about what to look for.

Know what you need

It is really important to know what you need to buy and install in your bathroom/s. It can be as big as a bathtub, or as small as traps for the drain pipes. Some items can already be in place and you do not need to touch them, and some you can just replace. 

You should call up a professional plumber and have him look at your bathrooms and make a list of bathroom toilet accessories set that need to be replaced and installed.  

Price and budget

The economy is tight after the covid19. Not everyone has a wallet blessed by the heavens! So, counting every dime and dollar is very important when it comes to buying something. You need to consider your bank balance and the level of your debts. 

So, you must, in your mind, have a certain amount of money that you can afford to spend to furnish and decorate the bathrooms in your house. After the plumber gets a look at your bathroom and gives you a list of items you need, you can just buy bathroom accessories online from our store!


When we are talking about the interior design of a bathroom, the color of your accessories becomes a very important factor. Your interior designer can give you an idea about the color combination for the particular styling you have in your mind. The interior designer will take a look at the bathroom and decide how to do the styling. 

You take him to our online store and show him the available accessories and their colors, and he will plan the whole thing for you.

A simple list - courtesy of Best Homeware & Living

Although you will get a complete list of items from your pro plumber, we will take the liberty to arrange a few items on our list for your convenience, just in case. This will at least give you a head start! We sincerely hope this will help you to some extent. You can buy bathroom accessories online from us!

Mirrors for bathrooms

You may have a fear of mirrors in the bathroom from all the horror movies you have watched, you cannot have a complete bathroom without one, or two of them! A bathroom will remain incomplete if you do not have a way to see how your hair looks, or perhaps you are trimming your facial hair or the hair of your nose! 

Bathroom is your most private area, and you will want to have a look at yourself privately during your personal hygiene. 

What nots of your bathroom

You do not always have bigger things in your bathroom. You have other smaller details, perhaps, on the wall or the floor! You cannot leave them unattended! For example, you want to hang your robe. But from where? You need a hook for that. 

Besides, you will need to hang your towels and dry them so you will need shelves for hanging towels. Toilets cannot be deprived of toilet paper roll holders either! There are so many types of holders to choose from. 

Many houses may have little kids, disabled people, or sick people who would need to hold something when they take their trip to the bathroom. For example, grab rails near the shower or toilet, or maybe a seat by or in the shower so that they can sit and take a bath and grab the rail when they get up from the seat! You can make your life or the life of the people around more comfortable.

The color and material and finishing will really add to your interior design and styling. Also, do remember the shower curtains, and bath mats while you are at. Try to match the colors of the items you buy to create a beautiful vibe inside the bathroom.

Usually, bathrooms are wet and moist. If the bathroom floor is not non-slip, there is a chance for an accident that can happen to your kids or your parents, or even your pregnant wife! You do not want that! Therefore, you must get better floor mats for your bathroom. One near the shower, another near the toilet, and one on the floor. You have so many options to choose from.

If you think you need to watch the weather or the news while you make use of your toilet bowl, you can install a TV for your bathroom.

Lighting is also very important for your bathroom, and so is your exhaust fan. If you want a fully furnished modern bathroom, you cannot leave these out.

Caddies or Shelves

Bathroom storages are very important. You never know when you will need them. To create space within a space, there is no better way than to install cabinets or shelves. Think about the hair drier, the combs, toothpaste, and other small things like shavers and trimmers - they all go to the drawers and cabinets. 

For soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, and many other things that are small and you need within your reach while you are in the shower but want to keep these items out of the water splash area, you will need to install caddies or shelves. 

BHL showroom or online store is always open for you. You can buy bathroom accessories online from us. By the way, this is no way, an exhaustive list of bathroom set accessories. Please, visit our shop for more luxury bathroom accessories set or modern bathroom accessories set ideas!

Best bathroom accessories for Sale online

If you are looking for quality products, you are in the right place! We have all kinds of best bathroom accessories for sale online. We are your one-stop shop for all of your needs for bathroom fittings and fixtures starting from basins, sinks, taps, showerheads, hand shower sets, towel hangers, and so many more! 

We have kept the general population in our mind. As a result, you will find our products at a very competitive price yet of the best quality! You will not get this offer anywhere else but at Best Homeware and Living. 

Our products are made from the best quality stainless steel and have chrome finishing to suit the most popular taste of the general population. 

However, there are other variations as well! To find out, come visit us at our showroom or visit and buy bathroom accessories online from our online store without further delay! We will ensure the quick delivery of your orders of precious items! At BHL you can get bathroom and toilet accessories at a considerable price, please remember that!

Shower accessories

By now you have an idea of what you need for the new bathroom of yours. It is time for us to give you a tour of our Best Homeware & Living’s online store collection! Hope you like what you see here!! More items are available with pictures on our website.

Pop up Waste

It is a very small thing compared to the other items that you can have fitted inside your bathroom. However, just changing the plug hole or a turnover waste can greatly contribute to the appearance of your new bathroom. A plug hole, as its name suggests, is used to plug the gaping hole in your basin or bathtub. It looks like a disc that you can rotate to lock at the mouth of the hole. It is also known as pop up waste.

Round shower head

Brass round shower head is one of our most in-demand products. It is available in chrome and black finishes with a smooth and round head. It is a bathroom fixture and is usually located over your head to disperse water evenly on your body. It is the epitome of shower comfort. 


Turn it on and stand beneath the shower head and it will evenly distribute water over your body. When a bathtub cannot be an option, a shower head is the answer. In this world, there is a large population with very small bathrooms where only a shower head is possible. 


Our shower head is produced from brass of the finest quality. We make shower heads in two finishes - black and chrome. You can change the direction of the water by moving the head and installation is fast and easy too. It has WELS approval. It is built from TRP elements thus there will no corrosion from rust.

Square shower head

Apart from round shower heads another product that is also very much in demand right now is our square shower head. It is everything that a round shower head is, only that it has a square shape. Everything else is very much similar to the round shower heads. However, this shower head is from 304 SS or stainless steel of the best quality. It has a black color finish with multilayer electroplating. It has the capacity of dispersing nine liters of water every minute. The installation is easy as well.

square shower arm

Static shower heads are the stories of the past! Now we have shower arms that have taken the comfort and control in the shower to a whole new level. So, why so much fuss about a shower arm? Think about the connection between your palm and your shoulder. Why do you think you can move your palm toward any direction at will? 

Because there are joints and movable parts. The same goes for shower heads. You can now move your shower head in various directions. The absence of the shower arm is like the absence of your arm. It will be like your palm is connected to your shoulder directly. How would that work or look? 

The same goes for the shower arm. When these two are connected you can freely move the shower head to the sides and up or down.

When people are shopping for shower accessories they tend to forget their options and only choose the simplest ones. But you can attach shower arms to your shower heads as well and maximize the utility. The maneuverability you get with a shower arm cannot be compared to anything else. 

Our shower arm is made from black and chrome-finished solid brass. It has a thick plate. It can deliver over 7-liter water in a minute. It comes with a female connector for your wall and has WELS approval.

Square shaped arm

We have three types of square shower arms - Gooseneck, straight, and standard shower arms. These fall under the category of the square shaped arm. The standard arm is fixed and you cannot move the arm around too much. The gooseneck arm can move around on its pivot. The straight arm is also fixed and you cannot move the head as you like too much.

Round hand shower

We have a round hand shower for you with gold brushing. It comes with a two-in-one shower set. It has a brass pipe of 35 mm with a rounded shape. The flexible hose is 1.5 meters long. It has three functions. The round hand shower is the most used hand shower all over the world.

Square hand shower

Our square hand shower comes in black color. It is a multilayered twin-hand shower with electroplated finishing. It has WELS watermarking. It has two tubes and a body made of top-quality brass material, a neoperl aerator, and a shower hose of 304 stainless steel with a length of 1.5 meters. It has the capacity of dispersing around eight liters of liquid per sixty seconds.

Come and Visit Our Showroom

We have all the bathroom accessories set necessary for a household or a commercial place. It is impossible to get a feel of the quality and color of the parts. So, we invite you to come and visit our showroom! You can also buy bathroom accessories online from our online store! You can buy toilet accessories set from us as well.


What accessories do I need for bathroom?

Usually, you will need cabinets, wall mirrors, lights, mats, taps, wall mixers, shower sets, sinks or basins, bathtubs, toilets, shower heads, floorboards or tiles, vanities, etc. If you talk to your interior designer and plumber, you can get a good idea of the additional things.

How to arrange bathroom accessories?

Well, organizing or arranging means cleaning up the mess. So, first, organize the loose objects sitting in the open. You have cabinets for them put them in their respective places. You can use dividers inside your drawers to keep things separate! You can make a drawer or caddy for each of your family members! Less mess! 

For the clothes that need washing, you can keep a bin! For towels use towel heater rails or use hooks! If you do not have drawers or cabinets, use clear plastic containers to put things. Lastly, label the containers with the names of your family members, laundry, towel hangers, etc. There will be no excuse after this!! 

How to remove rust from bathroom accessories?

White vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, etc., with water mixed, can work fine as a rust-cleaning agent. However, use a clean and dry sponge, brush, paper, etc. towel to clean the rust. Wear gloves when you are doing your cleaning work inside your house. With regular cleaning, you can fend of the rust from harming your accessories.

How to clean stainless steel bathroom accessories?

Use a spray bottle filled with lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda, etc. mixed with water to clean the Stainless steel accessories in your bathroom. However, use a clean and dry sponge, brush, paper, etc. towel to clean the rust. Wear gloves when you are doing your cleaning work inside your house.

How to install bathroom accessories?

Clean the tiled surface or wall with vinegar water spray and dry the place with a hair dryer, or use a dry sponge to soak the moister up. Now use glue for wall accessories on the surface you have just cleaned and on the back of the accessory. Now, stick the accessory tightly. Hold for a few seconds and then release.

When shopping for bathroom accessories?

You need to plan everything before you start your project and order products. After you have gotten an exhausted list of products you need for your bathroom, you can start looking for them. You can buy bathroom accessories online from BHL.

Why choose BHL to buy bathroom accessories?

Simple! Unbeatable quality at an unbeatable price! When you are buying things for your home or business, you cannot but be cautious. You need to check the market and find out the best value for your bucks. BHL confidently can invite you to come and visit the store and also check the price to compare with the others in the market. You will not regret it!