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Single bowl Chrome farmhouse sink with divide Single bowl Chrome farmhouse sink with divide $ 275.00
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Handmade double bowl Sink Handmade double bowl Sink $ 200.00
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Cutting board for kitchen sink Cutting board for kitchen sink $ 29.00 $ 15.00
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Fruit Drainer Kitchen Sink Accessories Fruit Drainer Kitchen Sink Accessories $ 18.00 $ 12.00

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Apron Front double bowl farmhouse sink with divide 800X450X230 mm Apron Front double bowl farmhouse sink with divide 800X450X230 mm $ 325.00 $ 185.00
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Handmade Single bowl farmhouse sink 580X430X220 mm Handmade Single bowl farmhouse sink 580X430X220 mm $ 330.00 $ 130.00
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Buy kitchen sink online best price in Australia

Do you want to buy kitchen sink online! Building a house of your own? Or have you bought an old house and want to fully renovate it? Do you need the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen sinks and accessories for your home? You do not have enough time to go around physically shopping for your home project?

 We are here to provide you with the solution! Now you can buy all the fittings, accessories, and fixtures for your home right from the comfort of your home or office or from anywhere and have them delivered right to your door steps! We will give you a quick tour of our massive online store! 

Best Homeware and Living

We at Best Homeware and Living or BHL always think about our clients and customers. We have furnished our online store just for the ‘busy’ you so that you can buy kitchen sink online in Australia.! 

If you are waiting for the weekend to order from our stores, then wait no more! If you have a smartphone and an internet connection, you can even order our products from the comfort of your toilet! Why do you have to waste your busy time at home or the office, you can order when you have the time all to yourself - even from the toilet! 

You can buy cheap kitchen sink from Best Home and Living. You will be amazed to see how efficiently you can use your time inside the toilet! Most people would just do nothing but sit on their asses and wait for the time to pass by. Just open your cellphone browser and order while your body does its thing without causing any problems. You can make orders even while you are sipping your coffee in the cafe! 

Let us give you a short tour of our kitchen sinks and accessories collection. Hopefully, this will help you make decisions!

Kitchen sink buying guide

If you want to buy sink for kitchen or thinking, “what kitchen sink should I buy”, we have so many options if you are looking for a kitchen sink. Before we give you a tour of our kitchen sinks and accessories online let us talk a little about how you can choose or decide on the kitchen you want for your precious kitchen.


Even the rich have a budget for something they want to buy for their company or personal life. For example, if we talk about a national budget, the government will decide how it wants to spend on health care, education, etc. 

So, you must also have a budget in your mind before beginning the search to buy a sink for your kitchen. When we are planning on buying something, we think about the amount of money we want to spend or we can afford to spend.


We cannot unrealistically buy kitchen sink online. First, we must consider the size of the kitchen we have and of  course, the size of the kitchen counter. It will unrealistic to choose a farmhouse kitchen sink if our kitchen counter does not have the depth or space for it. 

We may like to buy a double bowl kitchen sink, but our space may not allow it. So, before we buy sink we must first consider the suitable size of the sink for our kitchen.

Process of making

There are two main types of sinks in the market. The first type is the machine pressed sink and the second type is handmade or hand pressed sink. Both types have their own advantages. For example, when sinks are machine pressed, the company can cut costs because of large volume of production. 

So, you may find sinks of quality material at a cheaper price than handmade sinks of the same material. Labor cost has to be included when people are hand pressing the sinks. So, you need to consider the process of making the sinks.

Location to be used

Commercial and residential kitchens are completely different from each other. You need to consider where you want to use your sink - in a restaurant or at home. You will need a bigger sink of better material if you want to buy for a restaurant or hotel or commercial kitchen. For home, smaller is usually good enough. 

Do it yourself or with professional help

This is a very important thing to consider while you are planning to buy kitchen sink online! If you want to set up the sink but if you are not a professional plumber, you will also need to buy tools before you actually start the DIY project of sink installation. 

So, additional cost needs to be calculated. However, if you are a professional plumber yourself or going to hire a professional, you may already have the tools at home.

Please, have a look at the following sections. You will find good offers for kitchen sinks online from our online store! 

Kitchen Sinks for Sale online

We will help you to buy kitchen sink online We begin with kitchen sinks. We have a wide variety of kitchen sinks. However, the sinks we mention here can be used in laundry as well. When we are talking about the kitchen and laundry, we will prefer practicality. Our sinks are not only practical but also very attractive! Our products will greatly increase the aesthetics of your home. 

We have made our products with various tastes in mind. With our experience of many years with our customers, have found out what appeals to the general population. Once ordered we will carefully take the orders right to your door steps.

Farmhouse kitchen sink

We sell farmhouse kitchen sink online. You may have heard about the farmhouse kitchen sink! No? Then perhaps, the phrase ‘apron front’ kitchen sink may ring a bell? Maybe you have already seen them somewhere but did not know what particular kind of kitchen sinks they were! Let us enlighten you a bit!

Usually, it is a particular style of sink. It is a very deep sink and the front side is exposed. It is also known as the apron front sink. The reason is that the depth of the sink makes the front wall of the sink act as the apron for you. You are safe from water splash!

This style actually comes from 17th-century Europe. There was no water tap, so, perhaps the depth of the sink worked as the water bucket to get your water from and wash your dishes.

As you know, nothing goes out of style once it is on this earth! It may get into a hiatus for a few decades but it comes out in the open with a different look but the basic characteristics remain the same. So, yes, the farmhouse kitchen sink or apron front kitchen sink is still in operation! 

However, the approach to the style has changed! At its origin, it was meant for practical purposes, but now it has become a symbol of luxury and indulgence. But our Best Home and Living farmhouse or apron front kitchen sink is very practical and every mainstream household can buy and use this in their home. We kept our product very close to its origin and history.

However, if you are buying this for your kitchen, you should first check the size of the sink and if it will fit in your kitchen. If the size does not create a problem, then you are most welcome! We have an apron front kitchen sink for sale for you as well!!!

However, let us tell you - check the average height of the people who will use the sink! The depth of the sink will be a problem for very tall and very short people. So, the placement of the kitchen sink and the correct height are also matters of concern.

Farmhouse or apron front sinks are noticeable for their look, size, and strength. They have a kind of countryside charm that takes your mind away, even if it is for a bit, to a faraway farm. The depth and size allow you to hold more water or dish. 

Even bigger dishes can be cleaned in them. This is the reason why we have apron front or farmhouse kitchen sinks for sale online. Best Home and Living is the place for the latest kitchen sink.

Handmade kitchen sink

If you are looking for a black large handmade kitchen sink online, we have that type of kitchen sink at our online store as well! Best Home and Living understands and caters to its buyers! Even if you are not particularly looking for a handmade kitchen sink, we feel the need to put it in front of you as a viable option for your kitchen! Who knows! Handmade kitchen sink could the one for you!

So, when we say handmade what actually do we mean? It is all about the way it is made. Usually, there are sinks pressed by machines. These are very common in kitchens. What happens in this process is that a stainless steel sheet will be pressed and given the shape of sinks based on various measurements - bowl configuration, lengths, and shapes, and we are glad to inform you that you can buy sinks online from us!

However, the term handmade also comes from the process this type of sink goes through. In this process, a stainless steel sheet will be pressed by hand and its corners welded to form a sink. Handmade sinks usually have acute angle corners and the lines in the sinks are straight. This type of sink has a very industrial or professional look. These sinks depart from the usual curvy looks of machine-pressed sinks.

Apart from the appearance, handmade sinks have other benefits! It has increased space that can be put to better use. When corners have a large radius in a sink, it cannot offer more space for use, but that is not the case for handmade sinks. It has flat and straight lines all over the sink walls and this is why can offer more space. 

You can wash a few more extra glasses and cups if you buy a handmade kitchen sink. With increased dimensions, you will get increased depth as well! It all goes to cleaning more dishes at once. Besides, with increased depth, now you can clean big cooking pots as well.

You cannot just avoid the matter of upkeep and maintenance. Curvy sinks cannot offer you better usable space but they are easier to clean than handmade sinks because of their tight and straight-line corners. Where the curvy sinks will automatically drain and dry, you will need to push water from all the corners toward the drain to make the handmade sinks dry. 

It is because  handmade sinks have flat beds. You will need to put extra effort to clean and dry these sinks. However, if you are really looking to buy black kitchen sinks in Australia, we have the right things for you. You can buy kitchen sinks online from us.

Over mount kitchen sink

If you do not know yet which kind of kitchen sink you are looking for, we want to take the liberty to suggest over mount kitchen sink from our online store. Let us tell you what exactly it is.

Ove rmount kitchen sink is also known as a drop-in sink or top-mount sink. The reason why it is called so is that the sink sits over a countertop and one of its lips covers a small part of the countertop. You can get both single bowls or double bowls for over mount sink. You can get them in black or chrome finish from stainless steel. 

The advantage of this type of sink is that you can install it yourself as a weekend DIY project. Over mount sinks are comparatively cheaper. Even if you use a professional hand for installation, it will not cost too much. If you have a countertop made from porous materials, this kind of sink is the best for you!

Over mount single bowl kitchen sink

We offer over mount single bowl and over mount double bowl kitchen sink both in chrome and black color. If you want one or a few, you can just buy kitchen sink online.

Under mount kitchen sink

Unlike the over mount kitchen sink, the undermount kitchen sink goes under one of the sides of the countertop. This way some parts of this sink will go under the edges of the countertop. You can find three types of under mount kitchen sinks. There are a few advantages to the under mount kitchen sink. 

They are very attractive and give you some increased space on your countertop. You can easily clean the counter during food preparation by wiping the leftover mess into the sink and into the garbage later. Besides, you can clean more dishes and bigger pots.

Under Mount Double bowl kitchen sink

We not only have single bowl kitchen sinks, but under mount double bowl kitchen sinks also. You may have bigger kitchen countertop and need to clean more dishes than the usual household. So, you will need a under mount double bowl kitchen sink. 

Buy Fruit Drainer online

Sinks are not the only things that you may need. To clean fruits and vegetables you will need fruit drainers. From our store you can buy fruit drainer online! Our fruit drainers have adjustable sizes. You can make them longer buy stretching or make them smaller. 

Vegetable or Fruit drainers are very important for kitchens, residential or commercial. You cannot run your kitchen properly without having access to these accessories. The features of our fruit drainers are as follows:

  1. High loading space.

  2. Adjustable basket.

  3. Does not easily deform.

  4. Suitable for varying sink sizes.

  5. can be used as an alternative dish holder.

  6. Stainless steel and ABS material.

  7. Highly resistant to heat.

  8. Draining, cleaning, or fruit drying is easy.

Buy Cutting board Kitchen sink accessories in online

A kitchen, commercial or household, cannot be imagined without a cutting board or chopping board. The flat surface of the board is used to chop or cut various vegetables, fish, meat, fruits, etc. This is an essential part of a modern kitchen. You can buy cutting board online from our store.

We are offering wooden cutting boards at the moment. Wood is eco-friendly. It is a material that is often used as a material for kitchen accessories. For cutting boards, wood is used because of its self healing characteristic. With time shallow cuts can heal themselves. 

There are other characteristics as well. Wood is anti-septic. Hardwood cutting boards have small pores and these pores are very tightly grained. Hardwood is doubtlessly the best for chopping boards. The tight grains prevent the surface from accumulating dirt and filth over time. 

Come and Visit Our Showroom

Our store has kitchen and bathroom products of the best quality. If you are thinking of a Kitchen sink shop near you, you can just buy Kitchen Sinks and accessories online. You can visit and buy from our online store, or you can come and visit our showroom. 


How to install a kitchen sink?

Due to limitations, we will just go over the steps here. First of all, mark and measure the sink’s perimeter. Then mark where you will have to cut and drill for the sink. Now that you have the area marked, get a counter cutter and cut a hole for the sink on your counter. 

Then install the faucet for the kitchen. Use the plumber’s putty to attach the strainer. Now, install the sink of your choice and connect the pipes to the water supply. Connect all the pipes for drainage. Connect the drain for the dishwasher and finish things up!

How to fix a clogged kitchen sink?

If you want to fix any sort of clogging, the fixes are common. First of all, try out boiling water. If it does not work, check if there is a garbage disposal. Clean if needed. If there is no garbage disposal or if it is clean, then you can try with a plunger. 

Often this works very well, but if you are unsuccessful even after this, use white vinegar and baking soda to break down the stubborn clog. Even after this, you may have to use the snake tool to push through the pipes. After that, you can check the p-trap and clean it.

How deep are kitchen sinks?

Kitchen sinks, generally, have a depth of 8 inches to 10 inches. 

Is it easy to replace a kitchen sink?

The answer depends on your situation. If you are an expert plumber or a DIY champion, then it is easy for you. If you are not it will be difficult for you. 

What are sinks for small kitchens?

For small kitchens, you can buy the single bowl handmade farmhouse kitchen sink online from our store.

Why choose BHL to buy kitchen sinks?

BHL believes in the functionality and practicality of products for the general population. For our fellow mainstream countrymen, we have kept quality, price, practicality, and functionality in mind while designing and producing our products. These are the reasons why you will choose BHL to buy kitchen sink online.