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Today in this article we will discuss how to buy Australian mirrors online in Australia from our Best Homeware and Living’s online mirror store or order cheap wall mirrors online or buy wall mirrors. We will also discuss cheap mirrors for sale Sydney or cheap mirrors Sydney. 

Mirrors have been with us for thousands of years, or, at least the idea of it. The first idea the humans got about mirrors, is when they looked at their own reflection in the calm water. It filled their minds with surprise and amazement. The awe and inspiration evolved through thousands of years and now what we see is the result of that inspiration.  

What is a mirror

We regularly use some sort of mirror - at home, while driving a car or riding a bike, while doing make-up quickly before entering the office, at the corner of narrow roads with sharp turns, etc. So, what exactly is a mirror? Although you may not want to revisit your high school physics, a little bit of revision will not harm you, right?

Use your brain for a second, think. what can you call a mirror? Please, do not go to Google! A mirror is an object that reflects your image. So, it has to be a reflective object! It can be the clear and calm water of your pond or nearby lake, a metal smooth surface, or a surface made from glass with smooth surface, etc. can reflect your image and thus can be called mirrors. You can get your details from your physics book!

History of the mirror

We do not really know when the first-time humans started to think about the idea of the mirror. We can only speculate about it. In various movies, we can get the idea that humans got the idea of mirrors from the observation of their reflection on calm water. 

In the books of history, we see the use of the earliest mirrors. Polished stones were used then. Volcanic obsidian is another form that was used as a mirror. In Turkey, people used this type of mirror around 6000 years ago. In Egypt, people used polished copper as mirrors. In ancient times, Mesopotamians and Central and South Americans used polished stone and metals as mirrors around 2000 BC. 

In China, people used to have metal alloys made from a tin and copper mixture. This metal is known as speculum metal. You could polish it so much that it would reflect images. Only rich had the access to this metal. In Lebanon, metal-backed mirrors were found in the 1st century. Romans used blown glass backed by lead.

Mirror buying guide

In this section of the article we will talk about mirror buying guide. We will discuss what to look for when you are browsing through the market. 

It is important to look for a few points when you are attempting a purchase. Mirrors add a focal point, create light and drama in your space, and can blend into the background. You can put mirrors inside your living, dining, bathroom, laundry room, etc. and these mirrors will reflect light and provide depth inside the room. So, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  1. Quality of the glass: if you are looking for glass without any inconsistencies in the reflected image, you need to look for glass with a very smooth surface.

  2. Thickness of the glass: the typical thicknesses of glass are 3/16, ⅛, and ¼ of an inch. If you are using it for decoration use the ¼-inch thick glasses in your house.

  3. Silvering of mirror: a mirror of very high quality will also have a silvering layer of top quality. The layer of silver coating should also be very thick. If the layer of coating is good, then the reflection will also be excellent. 

  4. Shape of the mirror: you need to know which shape of your mirror will suit the best in your room. Will a round mirror work? If you want to emphasize the straight lines in your room, a round shape mirror will be good. The round shape brings harmony and balance to your room. However, modernistic mirrors do not have any particular shape. They follow the inspiration and mind of the creator or designer.

  5. Size of the mirror: you need to think about the size of your room. The mirror should complement the size of the room and not overwhelm it with its own heavy size. If you are planning on buying decorative mirrors online or wall-mounted mirrors, the space available on the wall should also be considered.

  6. Style of the mirror: a unique style on your mirror will talk about your taste and artistic creativity.

Type of glass used

Based on the type of glass, mirrors can reflect light differently. If you have pane mirrors, the light will be reflected on their flat surfaces. The image they give is very life-like and there is hardly any distortion. You can use them in bathrooms.

If you choose concave mirrors, you can use them in either bedroom or the bathroom. With spherical surfaces, they can reflect light toward their center points. You will get the illusion of a bigger image.

Convex mirrors also look spherical but their cores are outward and bulged a bit. They can distort images and make images look smaller. You can place them outside of the home to get a bigger depth of field. For example, you can put them in driveways.

Types of mount possible

You can check up on mirrors in the market based on the type of mount they have. There are full-length full-body mirrors that can only stand on the floor or you can mount them on the wall for safety. They are very dramatic. They can also lean against the wall. 

There are mirrors that can be attached to any wall. These are called wall-mounted mirrors. You can have decorative frames for this. 

There are vanity mirrors that can be used in bathrooms. They are also known as mirror for room makeup or makeup mirror. They often come with in-built lights and are used extensively in makeup rooms for artists as well.

Mirror Shapes

You can also choose mirrors based on shapes - arched, round, or rectangular. In modern and contemporary style rooms, round mirrors work well. On the other hand, rectangular mirrors will give emphasis on the straight lines in the room - like length or width. There are also sunburst and arched-shaped mirrors. Besides, this you can always shape your own mirror according to your wish. 

Mirror Sizes

You can choose to buy mirrors of various sizes as well - small, medium, large, and oversized. Based on your need you can order your mirror sizes. Mirrors can be as small as 16 inches to as big as 50 inches or even more.

Materials of frames for your mirrors

You can also choose mirrors based on the frames of the mirrors made with. The mirror can be frameless or built from glass. Frames can also be beveled or polished. The other materials can be - wood, plastic, and metal. 

Styles of mirrors

You can buy traditional, contemporary, or modern. You can also buy farmhouse mirrors based on your taste.

Mirror sale online

If you are wondering where to order mirror online or buy mirrors near me or a dressing mirror near me or a mirror sale near me, here is your answer. At our Best Homeware and Living’s online stores, we have a select collection of mirrors for you. There are some good deals in our online store. You can find your mirrors there with a few clicks. Your busy life will not be an obstacle, you can get mirrors on sale in our online store. Please, have a look at the products available at our store.

Rectangular Mirror

We have already talked about rectangular mirrors in buying guide. Now have a look at our list.

  • LED Mirror with switch and time display 900 mm

  • LED Frameless Bathroom Mirror With Touch Sensors 1200X800mm ( Light From Stripe Not At Edge, In Between The Mirror) Curve Edge

  • LED Frameless Round Edge Bathroom Mirror With Touch Sensors Lights Behind The Mirror 800X1200mm

  • Rectangle LED Frameless Bathroom Mirror With Touch Sensors Sharp Edge With Lights At Front Edge 1200 mm

  • Rectangle LED Frameless Bathroom Mirror With Touch Sensors Lights Behind The Mirror 1600X800mm

Round Mirror

We also have talked about round mirrors in our buying guide. Now have a look at our product.

  • LED Round Bathroom Mirror 600 mm aluminum frame with lights at front

  • LED Round Mirror 600 mm lights at front with frame

  • Mirror round led with touch sensor light at front with no frame 600 mm

  • Bathroom Mirror Acrylic Frame 600mm

  • LED Bathroom Mirror Acrylic Frame 600mm

  • LED Round Acrylic Frame Bathroom Mirror 800 mm Lights At Front With No Frame

  • LED Round Acrylic Frame Bathroom Mirror 800 mm Thin Stripe Lights at Front With Frame

  • LED Round Bathroom Mirror 800 mm Thick Stripe Lights at Front With Aluminium Frame

  • Bathroom Mirror Acrylic Frame 800mm

  • LED Bathroom Mirror Acrylic Frame 800mm

  • Bathroom Round Mirror Acrylic Frame 800mm

  • 200 mm LED Makeup Chrome movable mirror

  • LED Makeup black movable mirror 200 mm

Why choose BHL to buy mirror?

If you are thinking where to buy mirrors online, BHL has done its research on the buying trend in the market. After intensive research BHL has found a few popular mirrors. BHL has also listened to customers over many years, and the result is BHL’s collection of mirrors. 

So, if you are looking for a mirror, it is very much possible that you will be able to find what you are looking for in BHL online mirror store. This store is a place where affordability and quality meet together. This is why you should choose BHL to buy a mirror.  We hope you can now buy mirror online in Australia.


Where can I buy bathroom mirrors?

If you are asking where can I buy mirror for cheap - You can buy your bathroom mirror from online stores available in your country. If you order from overseas, you can do so but you need to calculate the import taxes and other necessary documentation. If you are in Australia, BHL offers an excellent bathroom mirror collection for you. You can buy mirrors in Australia online.

Where can I buy a makeup mirror?

You can buy your makeup mirror from online stores available in your country. If you order from overseas, you can do so but you need to calculate the import taxes and other necessary documentation. If you are in Australia, BHL is offering an excellent collection of makeup mirrors for you. You can buy it at the BHL store online.

Where can I buy mirrors for cheap?

If you are in Australia and looking for cheap mirrors, BHL online store is your best option. You can have a look first. We are confident that you will not be disappointed.

How to hang a heavy mirror Australia?

There are a few ways you can hang a heavy mirror in Australia. The first way is to use studs. 1.25 inches screw can support half an inch of drywall. If you do not use studs, you have to use anchors for drywall. 

If hanging a heavy mirror in Australia on plaster use screws of 3 inches in length with studs. Without studs, you will have to use wall anchors. You need to check the weight holding ability of the anchors you are using. If you want to hang mirrors from a brick wall, use a masonry bit for your drill. Drill holes, and enter the anchors to hang your mirrors.

How to install mirror wardrobe doors?

The mirror has to be very light. Then check the material of your wardrobe. Will it hold the weight? Can you drill anything onto it? Now, set up an over-the-door holder for the mirror on the back of the door. Now, use mirror clips made of plastic. Use double sided tape on the back of the mirror to stop it from moving.