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Universal Round Head Chrome Shower Set with freehand Water Inlet Universal Round Head Chrome Shower Set with freehand Water Inlet $ 390.00 $ 265.00
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Square Head Chrome Shower Set with Water Inlet Square Head Chrome Shower Set with Water Inlet $ 390.00 $ 290.00
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Premium quality Square chrome shower Arm 25X1X400mm Premium quality Square chrome shower Arm 25X1X400mm $ 39.00 $ 27.00
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In this article we focus on shower sets or how to buy shower heads online. Before you buy a shower head, it will be a good idea to read the content of this article. To have a very comforting and relaxing shower experience, you have to choose the shower heads online that suit you the best. 

There are so many options and styles that choosing the wrong one will put you in regret for many months if not many years. Once you buy a shower set you cannot really change it because they are not cheap shower sets or cheap shower heads. 

Shower set buying guide

If you are going to spend your hard-earned money, then it is your right to know the market of the things you are going to buy. If you want to buy rain shower head or shower set then you should know what kinds of products are in the market, what their prices are, etc. 

For your convenience, we are going to write a buying guide so that you can make wise decisions with your money. When you are about to buy a shower set for your bathroom, you need to consider a number of things. We will list them one by one.

Size of your shower 

When you are buying a fixture or plumbing parts for your bathroom, the layout and the size of the showers for bathrooms will always matter. Based on the layout and size of the designated area for the shower will determine what the size of your shower set will be. 

If you are looking for ‘modern shower heads near me’ before you decide to buy the adjustable Australian shower head or shower set you need to know where you are going to put it. If you cannot decide this when you are making the bathroom or renovating it, you will not be able to change any position later on. 

Because, once the main plumbing pipes are set, you can only attach the fixture. So, proper planning of your position and the size of the shower area has to be decided. If you really have to change later, you will have to actually do a remodeling or a complete renovation. It will be very expensive if you do so.

If you have decided to set up a shower enclosure, shower bath, or shower tray - then you cannot be wrong during taking your measurements. Besides, if you do not know what you are looking for, it will be difficult to choose one from the ocean of shower set available in the market.

The layout of your bathroom

First, carefully measure the area allotted for your shower. There are a plethora of choices in the market. Search and choose a shower set that matches the dimension of the shower area.

Depending on the number of bathrooms available in your house, this room can be either very busy or not so busy. If there is only one common bath for a number of people, then the bathroom sure has a lot of traffic throughout the day. 

However, if there are as many bathrooms as there are bedrooms, then the traffic will be very low during the day. Bathroom Shower heads or shower sets can be divided based on the number of liters of water they can disperse per minute. So, if you have a very slow bathroom you can choose a shower head with a low water dispersion per minute. 

However, if your bathroom becomes a war zone during the busiest hours of the day, buy a shower set that can disperse more water for faster washing. There are countless choices of styles available in the market choose the one that matches your taste.

The pressure of water

You need to be careful about the available water pressure in your main water supply line. Based on this pressure, you need to choose the shower set. You need to find a shower set that can handle the water pressure in the main line. For instance, if you have a combi boiler, you can use a mixer shower set because the water pressure will be satisfactory. 

On the other hand, if you have low water pressure in the water main, then you can choose to buy an electric shower (not a digital shower). It is the best possible option for you. One benefit that you can get from this is that you can get a consistent and immediate supply of hot water. 

This system is very efficient because it can heat the water exactly when you need it. The system uses less energy. This electric system can provide heated water for a long time. Besides, you can get cold water too.

The valve type

The next thing you need to consider while shopping for a shower set is the valve type. The Valve is a very important part of the shower system. 

On one hand, you have a thermostatic and on the other hand, you have the pressure balance shower valve. With only one single handle, a pressure balance valve can help you control the temperature of the water and its volume of it. As for the thermostatic valve, you will get two different handles to control the volume of water and the other one will control the temperature of the water.

With this valve, it will be easy for you to maintain the water temperature while you change the water supply volume. If you use a thermostatic valve you can keep the temperature of the shower water at a constant level. This can happen if the elderly and the children use the shower. 

Power of supply

If you have a very low pressure of water, you can buy one electric shower to balance the low pressure of water at home. You need to take into account the power you want for your shower set. If you want a powerful hose during your hot shower for an extended time, you will have to use a very powerful motor. 

A power shower will be a good choice in this case. There is a built-in pump in this shower set to ensure the flow of water remains strong during use. It is especially for the supply of water that is fed by gravity.

If you have very low water pressure in your system, you need to use this shower set at home. If you have a perfect mix of cold and hot water at the right temperature, this is the best option for you.


Everything that is related to your wallet will need a budget. You cannot just go in and buy expensive ones and later regret buying them at such a high price. You need to know what you are capable of buying. 

So, you need to decide how much you can actually spend for a shower set because it is not the only thing you are going to buy when you are fixing the whole bathroom. When you consider the previously mentioned points in this section, you will be able to decide what you actually need in your bathroom space. 

The price can very well range from 48 Australian dollars to about a thousand Australian dollars. There are so many shower sets in this price segment. 

However, if you know what you are looking for and are willing to invest big money for a top-quality product that can serve you for a long time, you can buy an even more expensive shower set.

Type of shower enclosure

You need to choose a shower enclosure that rightly is a perfect fit for you and the family. There are various types of enclosures - cubicle, walk-in, closed and open types.

The walk-in shower has an open front. It is very stylish and practical. This shower has the same floor level. So, you can easily customize it to your taste and style.

Cubicles can be rectangular, quadrant, or square in shape. It comes as a completed package and you can readily install it in your bathroom. It comes with the tray, the door, and the wall panels. Cubicles are watertight, hence things around them are safe from water splashes.

On the other hand, the open shower is open because there is no door. But you can easily install watertight panels and clean them as well. You can fit it in any kind of layout. You have the freedom to position the door any way you want. 

If you opt for a closed shower, you will get walls on its three sides. Walls can be made of glass or you can use the bathroom walls as the walls. The door stops the water to jump out of the enclosure.

People with physical impairment

If you have senior people with difficulties in mobility, you will have to factor that in as well when you set your bathroom shower up. For them, there has to be someone doing the washing or bathing for them. 

So, the shower enclosure must have enough space for at least two people. The shower set needs to be very mobile and there has to be a hand shower option as well with a long hose so that it can move from various angles without any problem. 

The door has to be very wide so a wheelchair can enter accompanied by a nurse. It is better to have a non-slip floor all over the bathroom, a non-slip seat in the shower, and a very big space for at least two people. This will ensure the safety of the movement.

Shower set sale online

If you are looking for a shower set sale online, BHL has one of the best offers for you. Come visit our BHL online store to find out a superb collection of shower sets just for you. Check them out at our BHL online store.

Round Shower Arm

Before we give you a comprehensive list of our BHL shower arms and shower rails, let us talk about the product first. A shower arm is an extension of the main shower set. It is nothing too extraordinary but a pipe that is connected to the water supply on the wall on one end and to a showerhead on the other end. It can provide good flexibility to the user so he can move the shower head as he wishes. 

A Round Shower arm can help you raise or lower the water source so you can have a very comfortable bath. This product can be very useful when the water supply pipe is very high or low. You can simply bring the water to your height either by raising or lowering the arm. If you want to buy a shower arm or buy shower rail BHL has a number of options for you.

Round Shower Head

Round Shower head is a fixture for bathroom use. It helps you spray water on yourself or others in the shower. BHL has quite a few round shower heads for sale at its online store.

Square Shower Arm

If you are looking for square shower arms. You are in the right place. At BHL online store you will find a number of square shower arms in various colors or finishes.

Rectangular Short Shower Set

BHL online store has some rectangular short shower sets as well. You are very much welcome to have a look at them.

Round Long Shower Set

Have a look at BHL round long shower set. We have compiled a list for your convenience.

Rectangle Long Shower Set

Here is a list of rectangle long shower sets.

Square Shower Head

If you are looking for a square shower head, then BHL online store is the right place for you.

Why choose BHL to buy shower set?

BHL always confidently advertises the quality of its products at a comparatively cheaper price. If you are looking for a shower set for your bathroom, you should have a look at the impressive collection of shower sets BHL has in its online store.


How to fit shower rail?

First of all, find the place on the wall where you want to attach the shower rail. Mark the height that fits you and your family. Using a detector check if there are any pipes or wires behind the wall. After removing the escutcheon plates, set the rail to the wall. Mark the holes for screws and put some tape on them. 

Use a spirit level to ensure that the holes are properly aligned. Use a tile drill with a 6mm bit for drilling. Wear goggles and drill on the tapes. Without applying a lot of pressure finish the work. Now, rawl plugs go to the holes you made earlier, use light hammering if needed. Now, attach the brackets and slot the rail riser and the plates into the wall.

Do shower heads fit all showers?

Although most shower heads are universal and fit all showers, there can be some exceptions.

How to install a rain shower set?

First of all, you will have to remove your previous shower head. Now, it will be better to use teflon tape to wrap around the thread. The lock nut has to be installed now, screw the nut with your hand and push back as far as it can go. install the T-valve.

You can connect your hand shower or static rain shower set with this valve. Connect the hand shower hose and then install the hand held shower head. Now, finally connect the stattic rain shower set. Test and tighten the joints as a final check.