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Wall mixer tap best price in Australia

Nowadays, wall mixer taps have become very ubiquitous all over the world. Except for the poor households, wall mixers are seen regularly in every household. People buy these not to show off, but they buy wall mixers because it is convenient and they can afford them. In this article, we will talk about Best Homeware & Living’s wall mixer taps. 

Wall mounted mixer taps buying guide

Although it may seem simple to buy wall mounted mixer taps anywhere and anytime, there are a number of factors involved in the process. Even a billionaire will want to buy something after looking at some particular factors. To help you navigate through the plumbers’ market of wall mixers proliferated by so many options, we have compiled a list of factors that will definitely help you decide on the types of wall mounted shower mixer taps you want.

What is a wall mixer tap?

Usually, if you have a hot and a cold water line, you will have two different taps set on your basin, or bathtub. However, a wall mixer tap reduces the need to set two taps - hot and cold. Instead, you can now use a wall mixer tap and have both hot and cold water coming out from your tap. Just turn the handle right or left to adjust the temperature of the water. 

Wall mixer taps are very convenient. You can have black wall mounted mixer taps or chrome wall mounted mixer taps. BHL offers the best wall mixers for bathroom showers in Australia. BHL’s online store is open all day long. Wherever in Australia, BHL will send your purchases directly to your doorsteps.


When you feel the need to buy Wall mounted mixer taps, you need to find out the regular rate of the product. You should do research on the internet to find out what the prices of similar products are. This way you will feel confident about buying wall mounted shower mixer taps. Price comparison is very important. 

When you know what the average price is, you can decide how much you want to spend. BHL offers the best wall mixers for bathroom showers in Australia at an unbeatable price and quality. 

Decide which style

There are various styles of mixer taps - round, rectangular, spout mixer, mixer with diverter, etc. Keep browsing through the BHL online store to find the style that best fits your bathroom and your personality.


To fend off corrosion, limescale deposit, and rusting (which happen because of hard water minerals) brass materials are used to produce wall mixers. BHL wall mixers are produced from solid brass material. Thus you will be able to get the maximum longevity from your wall mixer taps.


The finishing of a product is very important. You can have various options like gold brushed, or chrome, or black chrome finished for wall mixers. Choose the one that fits the interior of your bathroom.

Wall mounted mixer taps sale online

Has it ever happened that you suddenly felt shrunk and belittled by the bathroom accessories like shower mixer taps, and interior decoration of someone else’s bathroom? Have you ever felt that your bathroom is not worth showing to anyone and hence you do not even want to invite anyone to your house lest they go to your bathroom and talk about it in a gathering somewhere else? 

If that is the case then you do not have to worry anymore because Best Homeware & Living is at your rescue service. BHL will take care of your whole bathroom fixtures and fittings. If you think about where you can buy wall mounted shower mixer taps, BHL can potentially be the best option, why not check our store right now for wall mounted mixer taps sale online!

Best Spout Mixer

If you are not familiar with the term ‘spout’, this section will try to explain it to you a bit. If you have seen an elongated neck of the taps you use in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry.

There are various spout wall mixers in the market. There are cast spout, swan-neck, curved C, pull down spout, u-spout, straight spout, and swivel spout. In the BHL store, you will get all kinds of straight best spout mixers in either gorgeous black or elegant chrome or Gold brushing finish.

Best Wall Mixer Rectangle

BHL also enlists the best wall mixer with a rectangle shape. You can use them for your shower or bathroom or kitchen.

Best Wall Mixer Rectangle With Diverter

BHL offers the best wall mixer rectangle with a diverter. As the name suggests, the diverter works as the valve stopper in a tap. It can let water flow or stop it depending on how or which way you wish to turn it.

Best Wall Mixer Round

BHL offers the best wall mixer round shaped spout. It has round shaped spout in chrome, black or gold finish. Buy our wall bath taps!

Best Wall Mixer Round With Diverter

BHL offers the best wall mixer round with a diverter. As the name suggests, the diverter works as the valve stopper in a tap. It can let water flow or stop it depending on how or which way you wish to turn it.


  1. Is it easy to change a wall mounted tap?

If you are asking, ‘is it easy to change a wall-mounted top’, then the answer will be  ‘no’! It is not really easy to change a wall mounted tap. This is because, not all types of mixer taps have a uniform size for their parts. It all depends on the mixer tap you have chosen. If you are not lucky, you may have to call for a jackhammer!

If your tapware is mounted on the surface of the wall, then you do not need the hammer but if it is built into the wall, then you need to do a few things to take it out and replace a new one. 

Let us say, you want to redecorate your bathroom with a smooth black finished mixer. Your plumber will remove the front part of the mixer tap, and check if the body parts will be easy to change. Usually, it is difficult to reuse parts. A bit of tweaking is necessary. 

First of all, the new tapware needs to be dismantled. There will be a cartridge and a brass body. The cartridge will meet the face of the body. They both work as a seal for the water flow. Now, if you have a bath taps wall mounted mixer, then you should be able to discard the new body and reuse the body of the old mixer tap. Dismantling the tapware should be carefully done.

The shape of the new and the old mixer bath taps wall mounted may not be the same. In that case, you may need to cut a bit of the wall around the tapware to make the new one fit. The old one can be a round one and the new one can be a square-shaped mixer. So, after you remove the face of the old mixer tap and cartridge and the removable body part, measure how much you have cut onto the wall. 

The next hurdle will be the cartridge. It may not fit. You will have to use white tape to make it fit. Once, it is done, check if the handlebar of the mixer nicely fits the body. You may have to cut a few threads with a spud cutter to fit the spout. Use sealing to ensure no water leaks from around the tap mixer. Grease the grub screw to make sure the metals do not stick together. Turn the water supply back on and check for leaks. Check both hot and cold water. 

  1. How to install a wall mixer tap

If you are looking for general information on ‘how to install a wall mixer tap’, it is okay. But if you have bought a black wall mixer tap and now trying to learn how to install wall mounted mixer tap, then you may not be so lucky. There are so many kinds of wall mounted shower mixer taps and instruction from one may not be usable for another mixer tap. 

However, we will try to keep it really general so you at least understand what really happens. We will install a wall mixer tap for the shower. 

We also know a shower mixer as a TMV or thermostatic mixing valve. The job or function of this tap is to mix cold and hot water and balance the temperature for your comfort. TMV3 is commercially used to prevent scalding. We will talk you through the steps of installing a tap mixer.

  1. We will turn the main water supply off. Wear working hand gloves. 

  2. If you are working in a new house that is being built, you can choose a suitable place for the wall mixer tap. If you are working in an already built house, you will need to fit it to an already prepared point. Usually, the shower mixer will go to the shower enclosure in a commercial bathroom. However, in a private home, you can put them in your bathtub as well.

  3. Trace the hot and cold water sources. Isolate the water supplies by turning off the local point of isolation or the stopcock. 

  4. Now, open the old mixer tap to empty the plumbing pipes by draining the water.

  5. Now, you will have to check the instructions given with the valve. The hot water goes to your left and the cold to the right. 

  6. Now set pipeworks from water supplies to the point where you want to install the valve.

  7. Set a supply stopper valve for both hot and cold water supplies. It should be very close to your shower. At the end point of the plastic pipes use a copper pipe section. This will help you to make your compression joints tighter.

  8. After this, set the plastic stopper ends on the pipes.

  9. Turn the stopcock on, and check for leaks on the new pipes.

  10. Start the water to remove all the dirt from the pipes, and turn it back off again. 

  11. Find out the length of pipe is necessary by marking the wall where you wish to set the valve. Then, measure the pipe and cut the pipe according to the measurement. 

  12. Use a drill to make holes for your valve on the wall.

  13. Use olives that can collapse into the valve inlets. Use the nuts to secure them in place.

  14. The next step is aligning the valve with the pipes by using a level.

  15. Now, the shower valve should be screwed onto the wall. The nuts should be tightened using your spanner. Now turn the stopcock on to check for leaks.

  16. Assemble the remaining parts of the shower. If there is a hose, set up a bracket and hang it there. Connect the hose.

  17. If there is a raiser, you may have to cut it short to fit the height. So, get white tape and mark the height you feel comfortable with - both at the top and at the bottom. Then make the cut.

  18. Test the raiser. Use a leveler to level the pipes. Run the shower to check for leaks. Done!

  1. How to open wall mixer tap?

We have already discussed this question of yours. You can find the answer to this question, at the top of the FAQ section, with the heading ‘Is it easy to change a wall mounted tap’. We hope you will be able to understand. Cheers!

  1. How to repair wall mixer?

Before you start repairing a wall mixer, you need to know a few things. First of all, the work or function of a wall mixer is that it mixes hot and cold water to give you a comfortable water temperature. It consists of a few parts: grub screw, cold/hot cap, cover, cartridge, and the body. 

You will find them everywhere in cold countries and in bathrooms in summer countries. You can control the water flow from both cold and hot with just one handle of the mixer.

Next, we learn about ceramic cartridges. Traditionally, tapware would have a washer and a seal made of rubber. This washer slowly perishes. 

However, in modern days, we have replaced the washer with a super durable cartridge made from ceramic.

The cartridge has two discs sitting on top of each other. The disc at the bottom is immovable but the top one is not. It can move around. This disc will move when you move the handle. If the handle is ‘on’ then either cold or hot water will flow. The moving disc is responsible for opening or closing the seal for water flow. 

Anyway, discs are durable but not invincible. Therefore, they can cause leakage when the discs become weak and when wear or tear appears.

We will need a few things to fix a mixer tap. Here is a list:

  1. Pipe wrench.

  2. Spanner adjustable.

  3. Stanley knife.

  4. Small, flat-blade screwdriver.

  5. Allen key.

  6. New cartridge. If you do not know which one to buy, contact your manufacturer.

Please, if you think the fix is beyond your ability contact a professional plumber. Besides, you will have to know the regulations about plumbing in your state or province, or city. If your work is illegal by state legislation, insurance will not cover it. Now, let us fix that mixer tap of yours, shall we?

  1. Shut down the water main line. You need to make sure that when you start working, water will not start coming out of your pipes and cause a mess. So, make sure you turn off the main line and the hot water line as well. Your mixer has two water supplies running through it, remember?

  2. We have mentioned the grub screw, right? There is a cap that conceals the screw. This is very hard to locate. FYI, do you see the colored indicators for cold or hot water? That is the cap right there! Use your Stanley key and get the button out to reach the cap. Use the flat side of a screwdriver to get the cap out as well. Take care not to damage the cap, although they are plenty available at various hardware stores.

  3. When the cap is out, the screw is exposed. This screw holds the handle of the tap. Use the Allen key to get the screw out. Now, remove the handle. When you remove the handle you will see rust and mineral build-ups on the inside of the handle and you will not be able to move it. If that is the case, then take a bucket and pour some white vinegar and water in there. And put the mixer tap there. Now, you should clean them properly.

  4. Next you will have to remove the chrome-finished dress right. And then the nut.

  5. Get the cartridge replaced.

  6. Put every part of the mixer together. Then start the water on the main line and the hot water line.

  1. Wall mixer maintenance tips for Australian homes

Wall mixer taps have become very ubiquitous nowadays. Even a few years ago, two separate taps were there for hot and cold water supply in the bathroom or kitchen. But things have changed.

Wall mixers have more benefits than the previously used dual faucet setups in your home. With wall mixer taps, you can get hot and cold both types of water from a single tap instead of two. Now, mixer taps keep getting better every day. You can control the water temperature just with a single handle, turning this way or that way - the water will be at a comfortable temperature for you to do washing or bathing.

With regular use comes the obvious tear and wear on the wall mixer parts. However, it is not too difficult to increase the life of your tap parts by taking proper care. The first thing to do is to check for leaks at regular intervals. Regular maintenance will reveal how much damage has your tap accumulated from calcification or rust or corrosion. 


Our Best Homeware & Living wall mixers are from materials that are not corrosive. You can clean them very easily. There are various cleaning compounds and chemicals that are perfectly safe even for kitchens. If you clean your mixer taps bimonthly or quarterly, you can ensure the basic safety of your mixer taps. There will be no time for corrosion or calcification to take place. Bathroom and kitchen - mixer taps from both places should be cleaned properly to prevent mildew, mold, or corrosion from occurring. 

To make your life easy, BHL wall mixer taps can easily be cleaned. They are all single-handle taps. You can control both hot and cold types of water with just a single handle. BHL wall mixers are also can easily be installed without drilling into the wall.

  1. Why choose BHL to buy Wall mixer?

There are some obvious reasons why you will want to buy a wall mixer from BHL. First of all, our products are made with non-corrosive materials. The mixers are controlled by only a single lever. This can reduce the time of maintenance. You will have to clean and keep only one mixer tap part clean. 

The next thing is that we know you are busy with your life and you may not have time to visit a showroom to check the products. In that case, BHL has an online store for you. All you have to do is access the website and place your orders. Your items will be shipped to you in no time!

Post Covid 19 economy is tight and it is difficult for people to buy expensive things. That is why we have kept the quality of our products high and our prices competitive. This is also another reason for you to choose BHL to buy wall mixer taps.

Overall, BHL offers the best wall mixers for bathroom showers in Australia. Just for this reason only you should consider BHL to buy a wall mixer.