Best Homeware & Living

Best Homeware and Living Pty Ltd, ABN 98649070664 (referred to as ‘Best Homeware’, ‘we’, ‘us’ hereafter in this document) strives to provide the best of the homeware and living products to customers, and guarantees the quality and standards of the product as outlined in this document.

All goods purchased from Best Homeware are entitled to guarantees under the Australian Consumer law, and the consumers are able to process for refund or replacement claims in case of faults or underperformance of the products.

Refund or replacement can be made under the stipulated conditions set by Best Homeware. The claim for refund or replacement will be processed under the guidelines outlined in this document.  So, it is the responsibility of customers to check the warranty and follow the guidelines outlined in this ‘Warranty’ before proceeding with refund or replacement claim.

Warranty Claims

The claim for warranty is applicable to defects that are due to faulty materials or workmanship of the products, and does not apply in the following conditions and will void the warranty.

  1. accidental damage
  2. abuse
  3. misuse
  4. improper installation
  5. maltreatment
  6. abnormal stress or strain caused by natural elements
  7. harsh or adverse conditions (excess water pressure, temperature, or neglect above the recommended level set by the product manufacturer, or neglect on part of the consumer)
  8. alterations or repairs performed by consumer without consent of Best Homeware
  9. change of mind
  10. The date of purchase is the date of commencement of the warranty period or the date of handover for new buildings.
  11. The warranty is not transferable from the original owner to other parties.
  12. The right to alter, amend, improve, change or terminate the line of product remains with Best Homeware.
  13. The warranties are only applicable to the products which are installed by a licensed plumber.
  14. The cover for labour warranty is only applicable to the products which have exclusive labour warranty for repair of defect or installation of the defective part.
  15. Best Homeware will not be liable for any loss or consequential damage to furniture, flooring, walls, fixtures or loss of any kind due to the defects in the product or parts of the product.

Warranty Exclusions

Warranty of products purchased from Best Homeware does not apply in the following conditions.

  1. The inability to produce proof of purchase or evidence to show purchase of product will automatically void the warranty
  2.  In cases where the products require installation by Licenced or Qualified Plumber or Electrician, the installation by non-authoritative personnel will void the warranty.
  3. Inability to follow the installation guidelines set by the National Standards and State Regulations as it applies to the product will void the warranty.
  4. Inability to install the product according to the Manufacturer’s installation guide will void the warranty.
  5. Inability on the part of consumers to follow set limitations and disregard and abuse the products will void the warranty.

        Maximum temperature: 75 degrees Celsius

        Minimum temperature: -1 degree Celsius

       Maximum pressure: 1000kPA

       Minimum pressure: 150kPA (300kPA for Shower/ Bath diverters)

      Note: AS/ AZS 3500.1-2003 (Clause 3.3.4) specification is 500kPA maximum water pressure at all outlets within building premises for new installations

6. Fitting other devices or components from manufacturers different to the approved by the manufacturer of the device or the component

7. Failure to install isolation stop taps will result in the void of warranty.

NB: (Before installation)

Consumers are responsible for the follow conditions prior to installation.

  • Product should be in an undamaged condition before installation.
  • The purchased product is in accordance with the specifications on the tax invoice
  • The purchased product has the required components specified in the manual or the tax invoice
  • Adequate safety precautions specified in the manual has been taken.
  • Consumer is aware of that black faucet, taps, sinks and other black accessories are sensitive to scratches, which might be visible prominently. Because of the scratch on the black PC items, Best homeware will not be liable will not cover under warranty.

Please refrain from installing or using products with imperfections, damage during transit. 

Best Homeware is not liable for any damage or injury to any person, property through direct or indirect consequential loss, mishap, or damage.

How to make a claim

Based on the tax invoice or on the information on the product packaging, customers can claim refund by contacting us at

A valid claim has to be accompanied by the following details:

  • Claim is made no later than 10 days from the day the consumer is aware of the defect or breakdown
  • provide proof of purchase
  • provide details of the warranty claim

Costs of warranty claim

In situations where Best Homeware may be required to uninstall the products from the customer’s property or premises, an appropriate service charge has to be paid by the consumer.

Note: Best Homeware reserves exclusive right to change or amend the warranties offered in line with products and components at any time.

Best Homeware has the right to supply consumers with minor components as parts only when the full components are not required.

This warranty claim document was last updated on 25 September 2021.


Best homeware product refund policy is valid for 1 year only. Condition applies as per Best Homeware & Living Pty LTD policies.